Hello fellow Organiser!


My name is Bec and I have been organising and coaching clients for over 12 years.

My business is Clear Space and it's based in Adelaide, South Australia. Together with my husband Mick, we have helped hundreds of people to simplify, declutter, downsize and organise their lives.

I have been featured on television, national publications and national and local radio. I have spoken, presented and trained all over Australia, on productivity, decluttering, simplified living and helping people who hoard. I created and co-host the weekly podcast Be Uncluttered with fellow Declutter Coach Tara Tuttle.

I am an Advisory board member for the Institute of Professional Organisers, a body committed to helping support and grow the Organising industry around the world.

I'm in the small group of Professional Organisers that weren't born organised - and although many would see it as disadvantage, I have always viewed it as one of my unique offerings. I find that clients find me accepting and trustworthy because I can see their lives from their perspective.

I have learned a LOT in my career, and I love to share that knowledge with others. If you're going to learn from mistakes, best learn them from other people's!  I don't take life too seriously, but I am passionate about my job, my clients and others in the industry. I am not a stuffy, patronising mentor - I'm fun and insightful.

I have a Bachelor degree in Management Information Systems, Cert IV in Training and Assessment, and a Mental Health First Aid certificate.

Outside of the business world, I love bullet journaling and all the creative stuff that comes with it, including drawing and painting. I also love to rock-climb - it's my weekly therapy session. You simply don't have room in your head for worry when you're hanging three stories up by your fingertips!

I have an anxious but pretty border collie called Pickles, two rabbits with distinctly different personalities and two teenage children who are funny, perplexing, intelligent, frustrating, kind, weird and pretty darn awesome.

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